We contribute to the success of competition, sport, off-road, classic and hybrid cars. For this purpose it is necessary to introduce high hardenability and high strength gears to guarantee the extreme limits which the gears in these mechanisms are submitted to.
sport cars
Sport cars
These luxury cars incorporate in their drivelines the avant-garde in technology in respect to the calculations, materials and treatments.
antique cars
Antique cars
Classic and antique cars often require reworks where designs from other times must be reproduced. The builders recall their history making identical replicas for all the components.
4x4 pcikups
4x4 pickups
This type of vehicle is framed within a highly competitive market using a wide variety of gear ratios suited for different landscapes and meteorological conditions.
Research in this emerging sector requires the manufacture of very silent gears capable of holding big torque requirements coming from their electrical motors.
Often the motorsport professionals contact us to manufacture parts with different ratios of transmission adapted to their race variants. Our contribution proposes designs that lighten the part as well as improve the functional characteristics.