We are specialists in the manufacturing of lapped and hard finished bevel gears with both grinding and HPG methods.
spiral bevel and hypoid gears
Spiral Bevel and Hypoid gears
To develop calculations we use finite element programs for all face milling, face hobbing and Cyclopalloid geometries in 3 systems: Gleason, Oerlikon and Klingelnberg. The hard finishing processes (GROUND and HPG) guarantee higher accuracy and quality against LAPPED gears. To increase the quality and strength of the tooth flank we can also apply surface treatments like shot peening and isotropic superfinish.

We can manufacture spiral and hypoid bevel gears up to 1150 mm (45”) outside diameter and 23 Normal Module reaching high precision quality. Our inspections include flank roughness testing, burn checks, magnetic particles, contact pattern inspections, CMM topography and DIN/AGMA qualities inspection and noise inspection through single flank testing SFT and Structure Borne Analysis SBN.