About us

Grupos Diferenciales SA was established in 1962 devoting its activity mainly in the manufacture of gears and subassemblies to the domain of transmissions. Today it is a highly specialized sector which combines traditional mechanics with advanced control and regulation systems.
about grupos diferenciales
Today gears are developed with highly efficient criteria when calculating tooth geometry and selecting raw material, manufacturing methods and assembly procedures.

Grupos Diferenciales has evolved in accordance with the market’s needs to be considered a technologically advanced and competitive supply source. This is possible due to the fact that during more than 50 years it has held its human resources in high regard through continuous training and development allowing our company to respond to the market’s changing needs.

• We offer solid gear engineering with the most innovative quality inspections.
• We produce single part batches and prototypes in a timely manner.
• We provide a highly competitive mass serial production.
• A wide-ranging industry in the Basque Country allows us to complement our products with other components.

On time
Our integration degree, planning system and location enable us to offer an excellent service to deliver according to customer needs.
Based on a continuous improvement process our challenge consists in maintaining our customers by fulfilling their demands in a competitive way with the most advanced resources and methods. Our challenge is to produce both unitary single batches and prototypes as well as higher volume of parts.
High Quality
Our quality system offers the latest technology inspections. We offer a product capable of enduring the highest degrees of demand. Furthermore, our system is based on the application of international standards: ISO, QS, TS and others specific to each sector.
Our human resources
The local universities and professional schools are highly regarded and prepare the young to become qualified professionals. We combine over 50 year of experience with new human resources trained to adapt to the organization.
We are environmentally concerned and therefore we promote cleanliness, safety and compliance with occupational health norms in order to extend actions directed by ISO standards which reduce the impact of our manufacturing processes.
Our manufacturing is customer oriented. We offer a highly reliable product in terms of raw material, heat treatment and manufacturing. Our lead times allow us to integrate with accuracy into our customers’ material requirement systems successfully contributing to their targeted performances in their assembly lines.